What are the Best FREE VPN’s Out There? Check Out Our List

Navigating the web with a laptop or desktop computer that’s not equipped with an antivirus and a good VPN is anything but a good idea. Cyber attackers always find new ways to put netizens in danger, which means that you should do your best to try to overcome any possible bad scenario.

VPN’s (Virtual Private Networks) represent something totally acceptable nowadays and for good reasons. By using such an app installed on your laptop, smartphone, or tablet, you can navigate the web by hiding your private information, get access to geo-blocked services, avoid bandwidth throttling, and more.

In general, it’s better to choose a paid VPN app than one that’s available for free. But it’s not always like that, which is why we’re here to shed some light on the conundrum. Here’s our list of the best VPN tools that you can download and use for free:


A lot of people prefer CyberGhost VPN, and for good reasons. This tool features optimized servers for browsing, a strict no-log policy, and more. It features more than 3,700 servers available across 60 countries.


SurfShark is another popular VPN tool, and it offers you a free trial period of 30 days. It has servers in more than 50 countries. The tool also offers 256-bit AES encryption, which is a strong enough reason to consider grabbing the app to give it a try.


Last but not least, you should definitely consider giving ExpressVPN a try. This useful tool offers high-speed growing with no lags or interruptions. The customer support is one of the app’s top features, as it is available 24/7.

Ultimately, it depends on each and every individual when it comes to the right VPN software to choose. We all have our personal tastes, preferences, and caprices, which means that it’s impossible to say that there is such a thing as a VPN app that’s great for everybody.

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