Microsoft Will Pay You for Reporting Bugs From the Bing Chat

Being a couch potato and emphasizing the flaws of others won’t usually generate any income, but Microsoft is willing to prove you the opposite. The tech giant will literally pay those who will find and report bugs from the Bing Chat that runs on AI, according to ZDNET.

Sure, we’re all tired of hearing and reading about how special Artificial Intelligence is, about how advanced and unprecedented it has become, about how it will replace all of our jobs, make all of our homework, and allow us to achieve retirement sooner than we’ve ever dared to dream. But guess what? All that could actually be entirely false! AI is highly-overrated, and Microsoft simply proves it once again by simply asking the public for help in detecting errors for an AI-powered software.

Microsoft expands its bug bounty program

The newly-expanded bug bounty program by Microsoft now includes the new Bing Chat. This chat has the purpose of improving the security and safety of the AI tools that are used. Security researchers, as well as ethical hackers who detect bugs will receive rewards from the company. They must find the vulnerabilities in either programs or websites.

If you submit the encounter of a bug to Microsoft, you’ll need to provide as many details as you can. You must specify the version containing the bug, the type of problem, as well as any steps that are required to reproduce the problem. Microsoft will have to determine if your submission qualifies in order to receive payment.

The new Bing Chat runs on the AI-powered search engine of Microsoft, and it uses OpenAI’s GPT-4 in order to run a new chat format, as well as an image generator.

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