Iperius Storage S3: How to Use if for Cloud Backup

Games, movies, music, and other types of files are becoming larger and larger in storage size, which means that you never know when you need more extra space. How could you find that extra space? It’s certainly not very convenient to buy a hard disk or DVDs each time you need more space for your favorite files. Even if money is not an issue for you, more hard disks and DVDs automatically mean more physical space to place them. Suddenly, you might realize that your attic is full of storage gadgets. That’s where cloud backup tools can become very handy.

Iperius Storage S3 is basically Iperius Backup’s cloud storage service. The app can do its job pretty well, which is why we’re writing this article to recommend it. With so many cloud storage options out there, Iperius Storage S3 can surely pack a punch.

Thanks to iperiusbackup.net, we have all the details for how to activate an Iperius Storage S3 plan. Let’s cut to the chase:

Choose your plan

First and foremost, you need to buy Iperius Storage S3 space. You can do so from the official webpage. You can choose pretty much anything from 50GB to 3TB.

Configuring the backup inside Iperius

You need to create new backup operations by selecting the right button. The next step will be to select the files and folders you need to back up.

Next up, you’ll have to configure the destination to the cloud storage tool. For that, you first need to create the necessary account. The process is intuitive, and at a certain point, you’ll just have to set ‘Iperius Storage S3’ as the account type. In the end you’ll just have to add the Secret Access Key and Access Key that were given to you when you chose to purchase the storage plan you wanted.

The rest of the process is easily deductible. If you have any issues, be sure to consult the official webpage in order to check out all the details. Good luck!

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