Google Says ‘So Long’ to Passwords

Passwords are part of our lives. Although we all know that there are also other authentication methods out there in 2023, each and every one of us had to deal with passwords at some point, forgot some of them, and so on.

Is there life without passwords? Google is eager to prove that it is, indeed. Signing into your Google account can now be done in ways that are, at least apparently, more reliable than the good old passwords.

Fingerprint, facial scan, or PIN?

In its security blog, Google announced the removal of passwords as a way of authentication for those who want to access their Google accounts. Instead, they will have the possibility to rely on a fingerprint, a facial scan, or a PIN code in order to log in. It’s obvious to anyone that there is a huge advantage here, as the user doesn’t need to remember anything if he uses authentication through a fingerprint or a facial scan.

But don’t worry, those of you who are forever in love with passwords. Google won’t give up on them completely; it’s just that the Mountain View-based company won’t prioritize them anymore.

Here’s a quote coming from Google’s blog:

Existing methods, including your password, will still work in case you need them, for example when using devices that don’t support passkeys yet,

Passkeys are still new and it will take some time before they work everywhere. However, creating a passkey today still comes with security benefits as it allows us to pay closer attention to the sign-ins that fall back to passwords. Over time, we’ll increasingly scrutinize these as passkeys gain broader support and familiarity.

Which one of the new methods would you prefer in order to log into your Google account? Fingerprint, facial scan, or PIN code? Let us know in a comment below!

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